The stage name of real life brothers Paul and Barry Elliot. In the past they could be found on Going Live and in 1989 they were given their own CBBC show, Chucklevision. Now only ever seen in pantomimes and at British seaside resorts.

Both suffer from a hideous attack of moustache, and whilst Barry is definitely the smaller and less intelligent of the two, they are clearly brothers.

Favourite catch phrases include (normally each line is spoken alternately by each brother):

  • (when something goes wrong) "Oh dear," "Oh dear oh dear," "Oh dear oh dear oh dear"
  • (when carrying something) "To me," "To you," "To me," To you," etc.

Most episodes of Chucklevision involved them being given some kind of responsibilty and then making a huge mess of the situation. I have never seen two people try (and fail) to get so many laughs from being window cleaners who were bad with ladders. Clearly comic geniuses. I hope they'll be remembered for a very long time*.

* I'm embarrassed about this, I actually do hope they're famous because I have signed photo of them from when I was about 10 and I saw them at Butlins.

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