Saturday morning television programme on BBC1 in the late 1980s. Presented by the immortal Philip Schofield (1) and the unstoppable Sarah Green (2), aided and hindered in equal measure by a whole assortment of extras and sketch actors including Trevor and Simon and The Chuckle Brothers. The show was a mixture of live hijinks and interviews with current pop stars and film stars interspersed with the best cartoons of the day and some music videos.

The first show I remember to sing phone numbers to you (long before chatline and dating ads did it, I'm sure) and to offer viewers the chance to interview the guests over the phone and in the studio. Also the first programme I remember that had interactive games played by viewers shouting insstuctions frantically down their telephones.

An honourable mention goes of course to the glove puppet with the best sqeak since Sweep - Gordon the Gopher (or Gordon 'T' Gopher as his t-shirt says on the glove puppet I had as a child). Mr.Oizo's Flat Eric of the Levis adverts fame added nothing to the glove puppet genre that GTG didn't bring 15 years earlier (except maybe a little bit of funk). Gordon came as a package with Philip Schofield when they were promoted from the weekday Broom Cupboard slot into the prime time Saturday slot. At one point Gordon was even cool enough to get his own show on CBBC.

(1)Philip Schofield is still presenting TV shows now, albeit on the other side, and I swear he looks identical. He hasn't changed a bit in 15 years.
(2)Sarah Green was so tough that she was involved in a helicopter accident but she still battled on to present the show.

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