Jim Davidson is to comedy what rat poison is to cake decoration. He is one of those minor celebrities who is never destined for greatness, but by virtue of their utterly vile beliefs and constant television presence serve to be a minor irritant, making the world a slightly worse place.

In the 1970's his act contained a lengthy, indefensible parody of black people where he plays a "character" called Chalky White. He proudly states that his critics no longer call him racist "because I'll sue them if they do." I will take this opportunity to point out that Davidson is indeed a racist, and furthermore he is a sexist, a "recovering" alcoholic, a wife beater, a Conservative, and a fucking moron.

He was recently honoured (with an OBE I believe) for his charity work : He arranges benefit shows for the Armed Forces. He is one of those anachronistic 1970's "Working Men's Club" comics who garners continued employment on the BBC by ditching his "risque" material and acting the genial, knuckle-headed gameshow host. He regularly appears in pantomime, which should give you an idea of how weak his comedic talents are.

Davidson claims to be unable to understand the appeal of 'alternative' comedians such as Reeves and Mortimer, presumably because their material doesn't resort to a tirade of sexist and racist abuse. Hopefully he'll retire earlier in life than Bruce Forsyth.

It is easy to hate Jim Davidson for the way he has made a living from bigotry and ineffectual showmanship, but really we should pity him. He will never leave a mark on history. He will never leave a classic movie or great novel as his legacy. Maybe he should reflect upon this the next time he makes one of his "outrageous" videos.

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