Yesterday I had a gig. I played jazz at some cafe in Rehovot, which is some city in the center of Israel, about half an hour from Tel Aviv. The cafe wasn't very full, to say the least. In fact, our audience consisted my girlfriend, another friend of mine who had overheard my conversation with the drummer about the gig, and wanted to come, some teenagers who were there at the beginning, probably due to the pool table, but left after about half an hour, and some friends of the singer, who showed up about 15 minutes after we had started playing. Oh, I almost forgot the waiter, waitress and bartender. At the end of the show, to thunderous applause, the drummer said "Thank you, we'd like to thank you all individually." Which we could.

I got home, and met my flatmate coming in. We had a short discussion about the gig, and got to the node title. Basically:

How to tell you're not making it in showbiz

  1. You're on first-name basis with your audience

Yup, I think that just about sums it up.

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