Went back to working on my No Doubt Lyrics nodecenter today, and apparently pissed off some of the other users who IMO were not pissed off by the fact that No Doubt song titles were all over the "New Writeups" box, but pissed off that their new nodes weren't on there to gain them extra XPs. Anyway, it's the first real controversy i've created on here, and i'm proud, although i've turned on the "Don't Display In New Writeups" for the Lyrics I add to this metanode collection for the near future, just to keep it calm.

Anyways, either check out the "No Doubt Lyrics" metanode and try the Tragic Kingdom nodebase, or you can even see the rant-node (TM):

Why people should stop creating nodes with song lyrics one after another after another

I'll admit, there are some valid points in there, but some are just people talking out of their ass.