Directly translated, the name of this rather strange band is "Just Egil Band". It is a one-man band, with some other members on various instruments, but they stay in the background. The singer / guitarist of "Bare Egil Band" is Egil Hegerberg, a Norwegian musician / humorist, who started playing guitar while studying psychology "so I could pick up chicks" as he stated to a newspaper. This band is the latest project of his, now he is back with the band "Lyd", along with Kristoffer Schau. Schau is mostly working with his other band "The Cumshots"

"Bare Egil Band" only produced one record, "Absolutt Ikke" ("Definitively Not"), but it became a moderate hit. For an example of the songs on the record, see Reklamesang (English translation provided by SharQ.)

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