If there is anything on here that's factually incorrect, please /msg me. I'm doing this from memory, so if you know something different, just tell me. I will keep this write-up updated as they come out with new albums, videos, etc. I'm hardlinking hopefully, although I doubt that most of these songs have nodes.

The Story

It all begins with the Stefani family, or more specifically Eric and Gwen, brother and sister. Growing up in Anaheim, California-- in Orange County-- Eric, along with his friend John Spence, got Gwen to sing along to some songs they wrote. Their favorite band was Fishbone, and when, in 1986, they formed a 2-Tone Ska band, they tried to copy their style-- fun, racuous concerts, and ska/punk music. They named the band after John's favorite expression. Eric wrote and played the keyboard, John sang, and Gwen was back-up.

Early in 1987, the band played their first official concert, second of fourteen bands playing. Tony Kanal was in the audience; following the concert, he tried out to play bass. After getting the part, he also became the band's manager. I guess Gwen had a crush on him from the start, and soon enough, they were together.

On December 21, 1987, John committed suicide, and the band broke up for a few days before deciding that John would rather have them together. Gwen took over as lead singer.

Next, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young joined the band, the former bringing a heavier sound to the band (he left a metal band to join ND), the latter lying about his experience in order to play. Soon, the band was an established five piece group.

In 1991, they got a record deal with Interscope and released their first album, self titled. They went on a few small tours but were largely ignored by radio and the world outside of the Los Angeles area, where they continued to have a loyal following. In 1992 they made their first music video, for Trapped in a Box.

In 1993 they started making Tragic Kingdom, the album that would make them one of the most popular bands of the 1990's. In 1995, they independently released the Beacon Street Collection, named after the address of the house they were all living and recording in (following the success of Tragic Kingdom, Interscope would get in on the deal and re-release the album).

Before Tragic Kingdom was released, Eric left the band to become an animator for the Simpsons and Tony and Gwen broke up (at least eight of the fourteen tracks are overtly about the break up). The album is slow to catch on, but eventually No Doubt becomes a huge band... see my Tragic Kingdom write-up for more on that.

Following was international superstardom, lots and lots of concerts, and two more albums, Return of Saturn in 2000 and Rock Steady in 2001.

The Albums

No Doubt
1. BND (no I do not know what it stands for... I'm guessing something No Doubt)(mblase pointed out that it also stands for Brand New Day)
2. Let's Get Back
3. Ache
4. Get on the Ball
5. Move On
6. Sad for Me
7. Doormat
8. Big City Train
9. Trapped in a Box
10. Sometimes
11. Sinking
12. A Little Something Refreshing
13. Paulina
14. Brand New Day

Beacon Street Collection

Tragic Kingdom

Return of Saturn

Rock Steady

B-Sides, Rarities, Great Live Tracks, Covers, and All that other cool, non-album stuff

Ok, here's all that I know about...

Beauty Contest
Big Distraction
Bouncing Shoes
Cellophane Boy
Dear John
El Matador
Everything Sucks
Full Circle
Getting Started
Grooving Time
Hide and Seek
Imperial March (instrumental)
It's the End of the World
I Throw My Toys Around (with Elvis Costello)
Love to Love you Baby
Mighty Mouse Theme
My Room Is Still Clean
Ob La Di, Ob La Da
Oi To the World
Pawn Shop
Show Off
Where's your Loving?
You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

The Music Videos

Don't Speak
Excuse Me Mr
Hella Good
Hey Baby
Hey You
Just A Girl
Oi To the World
Simple Kind of Life
Sunday Morning
Trapped in a Box
Underneath It All

And Few More Things...

There is also a video-- Live in the Tragic Kingdom-- which gives you a good idea what a No Doubt concert is all about. Now then, I think that ND is the greatest band of all time, and you may mock my taste or roll your eyes or feel superior to me because of my stupidity, but I stand by my choice. Not a single one of their albums has ever sounded the same because they are constant innovators. Their lyrics may not always be deep poetry-- Newsweek recently trashed them for writing, "It's sticky/It's icky/Ooh!" in Waiting Room-- but oftentimes they perfectly capture an emotion. The music never gets boring or repetitive. They are amazing live, and they are supremely cool rock stars, but you can also see the glimmer of true humanity within their music.

Thanks to www.nodoubt.com
Countless VH1 and MTV specials
And all the cool ND fans I've chatted with!

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