This is No Doubt's second CD release, following their 1991 self-titled debut with Interscope Records. They released it in 1995, the same year that they released Tragic Kingdom. It contains music recorded over four years, and represents a variety of styles. It was recorded in a few professional studios, but mainly in No Doubt's own studio in the house on Beacon Street. Popular opinion is that it was released independently because the band was pissed at Interscope for the lack of publicity their first album received; No Doubt says that it was released independently because it just wouldn't all fit onto Tragic Kingdom (which isn't really an explanation).

(Side note: I drove through Anaheim this summer on a college-visiting trip with my parents. On the back of the CD case for "The Beacon Street Collection," there is an address. My parents refused to drive me there, saying that it was frivolous and No Doubt didn't live there anymore. If you are ever anywhere in Anaheim, California, and you happen to go to Beacon Street, look for the house! It's on the cover of the CD, and also appears in the video for "Just a Girl".)

The Track Listing

1. Open the Gate
2. Blue in the Face
3. Total Hate '95 (featuring Bradley from Sublime)
4. Stricken
5. Greener Pastures
6. By the Way
7. Snakes
8. That's Just Me
9. Squeal
10. Doghouse

The CD was reissued on October 21, 1997, this time by Interscope, who apparently saw the error of their ways. The picture on the CD is really cute: its each of the members of No Doubt in their baby years, including Gwen and Eric next to each other and Tony holding a pet monkey (no doubt because he spent his baby years in India).

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