There is something very interesting about the liner notes for this album. In the lyrics for each song, certain words or phrases are highlighted. It's my theory that these represent the main themes of the album. Here I've copied out these words and phrases for each song, for my own knowledge (I've never written them down and seen them all at once) and also for the knowledge of anyone who wants to know what the album is about.


that list
Your wildness scares me
in between the days
going to die

Simple Kind of Life:

I always thought I'd be a mom
Now all those simple things are simply too/Complicated for my life
faithful to my freedom


fat full with envy again
my own destruction
I'm on your list
Why do the good girls always want the bad boys?
choking on all my contradictions

Six Feet Under:

my birthday
control, control, control
give birth

Magic's In the Makeup:

Can you tell I'm faking it?
So many different faces
My personality changes
I can fool you
I want to be the real thing
Who am I?

Artificial Sweetener:

Stubborn, so selfish
The return of Saturn*
but I can't seem to find myself
Who's the author?
I was born two weeks late

Marry Me:

My sincere architecture
more indecisive than ever
A girl in the world barking up the wrong tree
Crumbling continuity
new love only rented
I'm not how I used to be


Are you here to fetch me out?

Too Late:

enough's never enough to make a dent

Comforting Lie:

I'm just a normal person
I can't decide

Suspension Without Suspense:

My divorce from dependence/That's when you found me
hate me?
pessimistic protection plan
the circumstance

Staring Problem:

I'm so jealous
What's it like to have that body

Home Now:

A chosen compromise
give up for you?
make it real
Neglect of normalcy
It can't be sincere
what shall I give up for you?

Dark Blue:

frighten me
you siphon me
maybe I'm supposed to make you feel better
I want to comfort you

*This line-- "the return of Saturn"-- and the album's title-- refer to the age of the band members (29) when the album was made. 29 years is how long it takes Saturn to orbit the sun, so, in effect, Saturn is returning to the position it was in when they were born. I guess to them it means that their lives have gone through one cycle and is now moving on to the next one.

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