One of the stars of the show last night was Condoleeza Rice. What a babe! She's an academic (Stanford, I believe) and a foreign policy consultant for the GOP. And she's black. She made a comment last night that pretty much summed up the entire differences you face this election year. She said that she was a Republican because:

"This party sees me as an individual, not as part of a group!"

>She was not, like Colin Powell the night before, wringing her hands, pleading with the GOP to change their message. She was quite comfortable with the message just as it is, thank you.

Speaking of Colin Powell, who berated the entire audience with his admonition that Affirmative Action was the correct path: How many folks do you think the Democrats will allow to speak at their convention who tell them that Affirmative Action means nothing more than quotas?

The GOP seems to be more than willing to include pro-choice folks into the party. How many folks will be allowed to speak at the Democrats' convention who claim anything even close to a pro-life stance?

Who has the closed minds here?