I read yesterday (on MSNBC.com that the The "so-called" Philadelphia Plan was a contingency plan for the Republican National Convention last year, in which elements of the US Millitary were on alert and ready to take action in the case of a "terrorist threat".

The plan falls under the general umbrella "Garden Plot" which is a doctrine within the DoD allowing the armed forces to step in and take control of civilian affairs following a "catastrophic event"

elements involved included

Two millitary "Joint Task Force" units:
one called Joint Task Force-Civil Support (based at Fort Monroe in Virginia)
the other
Task Force 250 aka The Army's 82nd Airborne Division (based at Fort Bragg)

80 bomb disposal teams

35 exposive detection dogs assigned to the Secret Service

4 millitary biological sampling vehicles assigned to the Secret Service

Technical escort team from the Department of Defense assigned to approach and disarm biological or chemical weapons

Department of Energy's Nuclear Emergency Search Team assigned to approach and disarm nuclear weapons or radiological bombs, which are disigned to spread radioactive materials.

2 medical support teams from the Uniform Services University of Health Sciences at Bethesda Naval Hospital assigned to the Public Health Service with an additional team assigned to the FBI.

A regional opperations center set up near the First Union Center wehre the convention was held.

An "alternative regional opperations center" at Willow Grove Naval Air Station.

A mobilization center for staging or moving federal resources.

One Naval support location in Philadelphia reserved for use as a detainee processing center by the U.S. Marshall Service.

"raidological bombs" perhaps you mean "" :) the philadelphia plan slide says oh, and "4 millitary biological smapling " ""?

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