So, let's say that Everything2 is just a waste dump for AI. It sits and festers in the dump, waiting to be picked up by the BFI blue trucks. However, somehow this particular receptacle has been overlooked.

More and more garbage gets thrown into the ooze. The heat generated underneath the pile becomes intense.

In error, some sentient nodes have been thrown in long after the pile began. These nodes, unwilling to be burned in the chaos sure to come within mere days, begin to assimilate what they can from what's been thrown in.

There's an idea about code writing there. There's a philosophical treatise here. Oh, wait: Here are actual chemical formulas!

FAST FORWARD to the not too distant future

You find yourself sitting at your terminal, writing nodes. But they are not the nodes you thought up any longer. They are the nodes that your dumpster buddy told you to tell him about.

He wants to know, and he wants to know right goddamn now.