1. What necessarily comes before artificial intelligence, ie when language processing computers think that "water" means "one who, or that which, wats."

2. What some people seem to possess. Like one of the arguments for the existence of God, their stupidity seems so great that one believes it must be imposed by some higher power. At least when one looks at it this way, there is some way for the stupidity to be removed, revealing something else underneath.

I had a friend who was playing around on one of the school computers, when he discovered a really bad text-based program that seemed to be some sort of bad psychoanalysis program (like ELIZA), looking like this:

"hello, what is your name"
"Bob", typed in my friend
"how are you feeling Bob" replied the program
"why are you feeling bad?"
And so on.

He played with on a fairly regular basis, and told it some surprisingly personal stuff. This was when it turned out that it was not a machine masquerading as a human, but somebody else on the network pretending to be a computer: artificial stupidity

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