Woke up to a pretty stupid dream that I remember only bits and pieces of. I showered and checked an email address where I found out something that my ex had said about me. She had called me an ass and a jerk and said that she wished she had never gone out with me. I wrote her back saying that that was unfair to me, that I did not regret the two of us being us. I went to school where I almost fell asleep in Spanish class. I didn't even have to go, I could have lost 5 points on my attendance grade than talk about what I do on Friday in Spanish.

Afterwards I headed down the elevator where I spilled into laughter for no reason. Have you ever tried not to laugh in a crowded elevator? I walked to the library and went up to the third floor to talk to my friends Kathy and Cindy. We discussed many things from exes to Kathy's labor. I asked them if it was weird to be aroused about the labor part and they laughed and changed the subject. They discussed moving into an apartment together and asked if I would also. Cindy said, "A three-way would be much easier." I then was forced to say, "Maybe for you two but I'm the one doing all the work!" I skipped my Music Appreciation class to talk to them. I got a present from Kathy which was a necklace that she bought for herself as well. Went to Astronomy class.

Astronomy class was the same as it always was, my english friend Matt joking around in his english accent. The professor was giving a slide show and I laughed at something he said. He put on a picture slide of a small planet and said, "Here's a slide picture of Uranus." It made me laugh so much that I was stomping on the ground, lightly of course.

I got online and uploaded some of my songs. I talked to some people on AIM. My cousin called me and invited me to a movie. I told him I didn't have any money and he said he'd pay for me so I went. I drove to the movies and got in my cousins car and we went to Great China to eat. The waitress started to flirt with me but I didn't flirt back.

We went to the movie "Unbreakable." We got into the theater and no one was there so I kicked my shoes all the way to the front row (I don't tie my shoelaces). I put them back on and kicked one towards my cousin and almost hit him so he got mad and threw it again towards the front. I put them on yet again and climbed on the armrests and walked on the armrest of each row back to where my cousin was sitting. Once I got there he dared me to throw half a pickle at the movie screen so I did and I hit it. My cousin got all jealous so he threw the other half and hit Cuba Gooding Jr. right on the face. We laughed and laughed for a little while as people came in. That didn't stop us so we were sliding ice under the seats all the way to the front. Then the movie started and it was alright, I didn't like it too much.

I drove 40 on the expressway completely oblivious to the people honking at me. For some reason I just didn't care that people were getting mad at me, which I usually do care about.

I came home and was worried about whether or not a test was due tomorrow so I called a friend of mine. She has a mother who will pick up as well when it rings and keep on talking until the person that called talks, so I stayed quiet. It was hilarious because her mother was telling her all these things waiting for me to talk but I didn't in spite of her talking for about 2 minutes. And as I type this I am still talking to her.