Two divisions of greeting cards at the local Factory Card Outlet. This brings to mind the pressing questions:

- Why is there a need to differentiate them?
- Aren't most birthday cards fairly neutral? What do you do with those?
- Would I give a feminine card to my flaming gay male friend, and a masculine one to a butch lesbian?
- Where are the androgynous cards? What if I wanted to send birthday felicitations to David Bowie? Am I out of luck, or should I send him one of each?
- Or does it refer to the birthday itself? Maybe summer ones are masculine, or arcade parties are, or 21st birthdays and tea parties are feminine.
- Most obviously, why bother? If a customer doesn't know her brother wouldn't want a card with sparkly pink teddy bear ballerinas or lace hearts, or her mother wouldn't want footballs or strippers, she probably can't read the stupid sign ANYWAY. Are people really this dumb? (Don't answer that.)

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