"My son, I have nothing I can give you but this chance that you might live", says a desperate mother to her infant as she sets him adrift in a river, hoping only that he might be spared from an untimely death.

The Prince of Egypt is the title of a movie put out by Dreamworks in 1998 which tells the story of Moses and his people, and how exactly it was he led them to "freedom". It doesn't stray far from the original source, and thus it's quite biblical and preach'y, among other things, but it's still an amazing movie, my favourite animated classic, in fact. I think Dreamworks beat any Disney flick I've ever seen with this one, the animation is absolutely beautiful.

There were a few little things that I found disturbing about the movie, but those can be traced back to the story of Moses and not the people who actually created this film. I just don't think it was quite fair of the almighty lord to smite the children of the "evil" Egyptian emperor and those under his rule, who wouldn't "let his people go". I mean, sure, maybe dropping an anvil on the person behind all of it, but killing off his child? It didn't work any way, he was still pissed, and still tried to kill them all. This is actually the movie that prompted "my god parted the sea, what can yours do?". I don't want a god that I have to fear for any reason.

Overall, though, if you ignore the blatant religious stupidities, it's truly one of the greatest films I've ever seen. Better yet was the fact that they didn't try to sell anything but music from this movie.. I mean, there were no little McDonald's toys, and it seemed almost as if the religious sect was being amazingly non-hypocritical. (Either that, or I just missed it.)

Like many a bible tale, there is a lot to be learned from the story, it is inspiring, but also like many a bible tale, it might inspire laughter, or intense brain seizures due to things that just don't make any sense. Regardless, it's well worth watching, even though it's a little longer than standard kid movie length, that only seems right considering it's a lot more than just a movie for kids.

They put together a really nifty website: http://www.princeofegypt.com/. It's pretty graphic intensive but still one of the best I've seen for any animated film.

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