A division of DaimlerChrysler which manufactures a car, the Smart. The Smart comes in two basic flavors, coupe and convertible, and a variety of different engine sizes and types. It is the cutest little car (2.5 m. long) that will never be sold in the USA. It is presently available in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

The design of the body is by Swatch, the watch manufacturer. Thus, the colored body panels are interchangable. It is very fuel efficient, and reasonably fast, too. Also, it is good design

For these reasons, it will never be sold in the USA. A fuel efficient car that is only 2.5m. long? What would anyone do with that?

Source www.smart.com

Update: April 29, 2004 According to the Smart web site, Smart will be available in the US for the 2006 model year.