A general purpose squad support weapon used in Aliens by privates Drake and Vasquez. Although less manoeuvrable than the M41A Pulse Rifle, it does pack a greater punch. The smart gun fires M350 10x28mm caseless rounds at 1200 rounds per a minute. The 1.2 metre weapon weighs in at just under 18kg and is powered by a DV9 battery, which contains enough juice for up to 50000 rounds. The weapon is hip mounted via a combat harness and articulation arm. This setup distributes the weight to the body and allows better control. The system has aim-adjustment functionality linked to the head mounted sight (HMS).

Although this weapon was effective at bringing down the xenomorphs, its bulkiness reduced any benefits when used in close quarters.

raw values and other data obtained from http://www.alien-resurrection.com and http://us.imdb.com

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