13:04 EET

It was payday yesterday. My pay is nothing short of ridiculous, but it's still money. Although I am fearing the day we'll be literally paid with peanuts...
On the afternoon a few of us left the office to a mini golf course nearby. My score was a humiliating 72, making me the 2nd worst of the 4 players. Oh well, at least I have the excuse of not playing in 6 years or so. And next time I'm going to kick ass. (yeah right)
I was supposed to start designing my Big Lightwave Project™ (see July 6, 2000) yesterday evening, but one of my very best friends popped in and the plan was ruined. I don't mind though, since we had a good time with music, Final Fantasy VII and some good old GHB.

What about today, then?
Hopefully I'll be able to start working on the LW project tonight. Apart from that, it looks like a quiet, peaceful weekend for a change. Maybe I'll even do some noding - I want to finish the SSM line before moving on to something more interesting.