13:04 EET

Phew.. I haven't often felt this exhausted after 3 nights of long and solid sleep.

The all-weekend IRC channel get-together was quite a kickass event. There was nothing that special really: just 10 people, a nice house with a great balcony, some alcohol and a lot of herbal remedies.
Yes, some of us were pretty damn stoned for the whole weekend. And we had a great time, as did the sober and drunken ones. My sincere apologies to everybody offended by this.

I'd love to give you a detailed account of the things that went on. But to be honest, saturday (as well as most of the friday) remains a bit blurry. But we had a barbecue, kicked eachothers asses in Soul Calibur, watched some movies, and some used the sauna excessively. A few out-of-towners visited the local night club, and their 3-hour-departure-project was extremely amusing to watch. They surprisingly did make it before closing time.
Yep, all this doesn't sound that exciting at all, but believe me - nobody got bored. ;)

As you might guess, I'm having another productive workday here. I am very grateful to my client for being late with material deliveries and other required input. This means I can more or less weasel out of work. My brain is still a bit too slow to handle any serious business today.

Late saturday night I noticed there is some strange synergy between psychedelic trance and synchronized swimming on TV. Somebody should investigate this further...

13:20 EET

Ok, this is freaky. In my dream log for June 24th I mentioned seeing a box set released by De La Soul. Today there are news about them releasing a 3-record-box soon.
I must be related to Nostradamus or something. Too bad I haven't liked rap since I was 11 years old.