So I had this x-rated psychotic dream last night, and thought that I should write it down lest I forget any of it, though I'm sure some minor details have already escaped my (what must be) insane little mind.

I was in the cab of a fairly old pick-up truck with a young man, whose face I don't remember, his voice was (I remember hearing it but not how it sounded) young, which is the only reason I have any idea as to his age. He was also kind of "built", muscular but not too much so, and cowboy-ish. (I think this is because yesterday, I was pondering the fact that I find the simplicity of real cowboy's attractive.) Anyway, I was flirting with him muchly, hardcore flirting (*details spared*), and he really wanted to have sex. I had just wanted to drive him crazy and then have it be over with, for some reason, and told him I wouldn't have sex with him. Well, he got really angry and psychotic at this point. We pulled over into a gas station of sorts, and he took out a gun and held it to my head. He kept the gun to my head, though at no time do I remember being afraid at all, and tried to get me to go into a little motel room off the side of the gas station. I said no, and he just got angrier.

My best friend was in the dream too, but she went in and out often and I remember it being her with another's face.

After I refused him again, he tried to go after my friend. I told her to just hold out for a second, with eye signals, and I managed to sneak away long enough to go into the gas station and try to confront a police officer there. However, he noticed my absence and walked in before I could talk to the cop. I acted very casual as if I'd only come into get a drink, or some such nonsense. He put the gun to my head again and told me not to be a bitch, and I told him he wasn't going to shoot me anyway. He pulled the trigger, I winced, but there were no bullets. He pulled it a couple more times and I half-expected it to do something at least once but it wasn't loaded at all.

At this point, everyone in the room aside from me was scared, and I'd estimate there were about 30 people altogether in what transformed from a gas station to a grocery/variety store of sorts. He had control of the room, somehow, though there were police with loaded weapons and he had nothing. There was something about him that frightened everyone.

I think there were a few more things in between here, but after a while I gave in and told him I'd have sex with him if he'd just let everyone go and stop. The coolest part about this was, when I went to tell him how I felt instead of writing it down, I held a see-through cup of water up to his face. I acted really submissive, and I might have even been afraid at this point. Somehow I expected the message to be in that little cup of lightly rippling water, words floating on the surface perhaps. He dumped it and I felt crushed because all of my good intentions were strewn across the floor.

At this point, he finds a vial.. of something, liquid'y powder stuff, and he throws it at everyone, into the air is more like it and there is a cloud of what appears to be a flower-like substance. Then he says, "Now you've all got TBD", he really meant TB, tuberculosis, though no one seemed to notice the extra letter in there. Everyone ran out of the building screaming because they were breathing in this powder that would supposedly make them very sick. I too was running, but I'd held my breath as soon as he threw it so I thought I'd be safe. When I got away from the building I breathed out and he threw more in my face, huge amounts and I had to breathe it, I had no choice. After I screamed at him, he told me it was really cocaine. I thought this was better than the TB but still bad, so I started to run away from him because everyone was getting all crazy from the cocaine flying around in the air. He was shoving huge amounts of it into his nose and sniffing. It was odd. Anyway, I walked away and was starting to feel crazy. I saw a friend, I don't know who she was though, and I tried to scream at her that we needed to get away but all that came out was random crap that didn't make sense. In my head I was screaming perfect clear words, telling her to find a vehicle with keys in it so that we could go.. but she didn't quite understand and I started really feeling strange. She managed to get my point, we got into a vehicle and drove away.. he tried to follow for a bit but he was too messed up from the drugs.

In a separate dream, there was more x-rated content with the same unidentified person. Strange, very strange.

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