I found myself back at the IRC party which took place last weekend.
I had grown tired of partying and gone to sleep downstairs, but some of the people decided we would go downtown to party some more. I was really exhausted, but the guys persuaded me to go with them.

So there we were, downtown Hämeenlinna.
I was too tired to go anywhere, so as the others left to find a bar, I just stood on one of the 3 bridges crossing the freeway and looked at the city. They had installed a lot of new neon signs in one of the buildings, and I felt a sudden urge to take a picture of this colourful sight.
Rexx had left his digital camera to my backpack. I tried hard to operate it but failed, all the buttons and messages on the screen going over my head. I spotted the owner himself nearby and asked him to shoot the photo. But apparently I had messed up the camera's configuration since it refused to work. Before Rexx could fix my screw-up, the sun started coming up and all the signs were automatically switched off.