I dreamt that I met Jet-Poop. I dreamt that he was actually Bruce Vilanch.

No, I'm not kidding. No, I don't remember anything else, except the hurricane.

Last night was a long night. I had several dreams, since I kept waking up and going back to sleep.

My first little nap ended around midnight. The dream I had is pretty vague to me now, but I remember two big details: My teeth were breaking apart and falling out of my mouth. I've had this in a dream before.. it's not very fun. Ugh. Whenever I would close my mouth, I would have to be careful not to break my brittle teeth.. and eventually I reach a point where I don't care, and my teeth start falling out like crazy in broken bits. The second detail I remember was that someone tried to rob my house, while me and my family were home. The guy was like 13 years old, and he walked in our open back door (since my dad was doing some sort of construction, the door was open for a related reason), and he just walked around and picked stuff up. Eventually he walked passed me, I challenged him, and eventually I poked him out the door and into leaving with his own skateboard.

After worrying for a while about my teeth, eventually I got back to sleep.. say, oneish. And I slept fine.. woke up around 5.. got back to sleep around 6.. and then that's when this second dream happened.

I was at some sort of sporting event.. not something like the olympics, but something junior. There were many kids, probably about 8-10 years old. And a beautiful woman, their coach. I don't know what sport they were playing. It was like volleyball, except also like water polo without water. Eventually the teams evened out according to the score.. so it was just the coach and one boy against about 30 others, mostly girls. And then they found this .. thing. Kinda like one of those triad-like frisbee things. And they decided that the sport is more fun with that than with the volleyball they were using previously. The coach took a time-out so she could think about how to play the game with this, instead of the ball. There was some sort of tournament or something similiar that evening, so they wanted to decide how they could play soon. The coach sat near me on the bottom row of the bleachers, and asked someone else if they thought they could help her get ready for the game.. but they didn't think they could get whatever it was she needed. So she asked me.. she pulled out a piece of paper and started talking about what she thought they needed to play the game with the frisbee thing.. and how she wanted to get uniforms for all the kids because she had promised them to them last year and couldn't get them.. and she kept talking. But it was what she was doing during the talking that was incredible. We ended up with her snuggling her head against me, legs wrapped around me, my arms around her, very warm and cozy together as she talked. It was shortly after I realized how she was coming onto me, and shortly after I started making little moves back, that I awoke.. but slowly and gently, feeling like I was still warm and with her.

The interesting thing, for me, is that I don't have any desire to be with her.. not as a dream her, nor as anyone who would be like her in real life.. but I've been craving that closeness with my own SO. We're very far apart. It was a warm happy dream, making me wish I could be with my love.

And my teeth were fine the second time! phew.

I've not done a dream log before, so please bear with me if it is somehow improper in its style.

Last night's, or rather day's, dreams were reminiscent of previous dreams I have had which have disturbed me a great deal. Although those dreams, involving breathtaking scenery and the fear of death, were quite interesting, they are not the topic here. The dream that I had this day involved a loved one and the loss thereof.

In April of this year I had the misfortune of facing the end of a strong relationship with my significant other. It was her wish and I although I was wont to be with her, it was not meant to be. I moved out, and she cut off all contact with me. There is, of course, more to it, but I'll spare you the other details.

My dream began with the pain of that loss. We had already separated, and I was in the process of moving my things back to my apartment. It was the day after the separation, and it was particularly bright--not in a clear way, but more of an ambient way. The sun was undoubtedly shining, but the light was white and the air hazy with white, much as I imagine a heaven, if there is one, to be. I was in her apartment, alone, moving my things. I was pained and moved with a heavy heart, not wanting to remove myself from this life that I had been living.

She suddenly returned home and was in a happy mood. I was very hurt and did not want to see her being happy--the reminder that she could live without me wasn't something I could face. She approached me and placed her hand on my face. She dropped her smile, and apologized. I'm sorry, she said. I love you, Mike. I shouldn't have done that. I want to be with you, I want to try. I was reluctant and didn't want to believe her. Whether it was cynicism, the unknown knowledge that in reality she did not want to, nor did she, try, or the fear of pain, I resisted.

I love you.

It echoed in my ears.

It reverberated in my heart.

It filled my eyes with tears.

I love you too.

I'm not sure how many days the dream dragged on. She reminded me constantly of how sorry she was. I did not care, though. I accepted it, and I accepted her. I loved her and never wanted to lose her again. I was happy, blissful. My heart burned brightly and warmly with happiness and love.

She was back. That was all that mattered, and though in my dream we had been separated for but a day, I felt the relief of being loved again after five months.

I was scared by how tenuous the relationship must be. I felt very frightened, like I didn't even know her anymore.

But I didn't care. I loved. I loved to no end.

I woke and nearly cried.

I do not love anymore.

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