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I almost never have nightmares, and when I do they're quite mild, never resulting to waking up screaming and such.
E2 related dreams are also quite rare, which makes the following E2 Nightmare a true collector's item!

I was at a party in a friend's (Jope, if I remember correctly) house. Things were going fine, until an another friend showed up almost in a state of shock and started asking me questions like "What the hell were you thinking?"
I had no idea what he was talking about, but then he told me it considered a node I had written just before leaving for the party. I ran to my friend's PC and logged on E2, to find the writeup's reputation at -27 (yes, exactly -27) and the chatterbox filled with extremely angry messages from numerous users.
Apparently a perfectly innocent writeup of mine had been misinterpreted by everybody, making me the most hated person on Everything. I attempted to explain, but nobody would listen. An editor suggested I would leave before they had to ban me from the site, so I left. Getting my E2 career destroyed in a split second didn't feel good at all.

It sure was a relief to log on today and only see the usual insignificant downvotes by the few systematically downvoting cowards, instead of the situation in my dream. But just in case it was an omen, I'd better watch what I type from now on.. :)