Last night's dream got me a bit down in the morning. Sometimes it can be bad to have extremely captivating emotional dreams, because once you wake up you realize things like that could never happen to you in real life. The initial good mood you have after waking up is quickly replaced with disappointment upon remembering you are still the same loser you were a day before.
I wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me? That my self image should be better? Or that I am in denial and would deep down want to improve myself?


At least I've got a lot of time to ponder about such wannabe-insightful-crap, as I'm covered up to my neck with work that doesn't require any sort of brain activity whatsoever. In my last day log I described the deadline rush we're having, and since then it has only gotten worse. Yesterday I spent 11 hours at the office, desperately trying to put together a hopeless project. Fortunately, at the moment it seems the worst is behind us. I am actually able to sit down and node a few lines.
Although I'm not the first one to jump in the let's-put-X-down-because-putting-them-down-is-l337 bandwagon, I guess some new media hype workers really do deserve to be scorned. (Notice I said "some". I'm practically one too.) Not being able to say much (NDA, you know) I still have to express my frustration towards certain people from a company we have been "cooperating" with. They have taken every measure possible to slow us down, and I can't even tell anymore whether it's due to intent or gross incompetence.
Oh well. If working in this firm for two years has taught me anything, it's that small jobs consisting only of you firm and a few client representatives = GOOD.

But that's enough negative stuff for one day. The first signs of autumn can already be seen outside, and the summer is slowly coming to an end. I doubt even the most hardcore Finnish summer fans can't complain about this one, although it is a proven fact that Finns only remember the rainy days of each summer. I myself can't wait to grab my camera and head to the Aulanko ridge to shoot some nice scenery shots when the leaves have turned into bright red and yellow. And since I am an "out" winter person, things can only get better after that.
Then again, it's still only August and it's +20°C outside. Maybe I shouldn't dance a merry jig to celebrate the death of summer just yet.