15:08 EET

Friday. The best day of the week.
And it's such a good day for noding, too. Most of the coworkers are stuck at a meeting for the entire afternoon, giving me the perfect chance to weasel out of anything important and node on. If questions of my unproductivity raise their ugly heads, I'll just go with explanations about some code related problems that have slowed me down.

Break - the hardest working person in the business!

Thanks to Dizzy about complementing my home node. How could *I* (apparently) be the first one with such an idea? The ASCII-picture will probably stay there even after I reach level 6. That will still take a while though, so I have time to come up with something interesting.
I also like Dizzy's idea of day logs nobody could vote for. At least it might decrease the amount of stupid whining - see my rant in yesterday's enrtry.

I still didn't spot any Hell's Angels while walking through downtown Hämeenlinna. Most of them should be arriving today, and according to estimates some 400-700 bikers will be occupying the nearby castle/hotel. I'll stay alert for any bazooka attacks. :)

3 more hours to the epic minigolf battle. I wonder if I should try to prepare myself with tibetian meditation or putting practice? Or how about noding?
I'd better visit a junk food place to keep my stomach content through the match of the decade. I'll be back.

To be continued...

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