Halogen floor lamps were banned while I was at undergrad, because they were a fire hazard. I had one of the filaments explode while I was turning the thing on once, and it was a lot more spectacular than what you might expect from a normal bulb.

Another safety rule that was generally ignored was to keep the hallways clear of boxes, sofas, etc, as it blocked evacuation in case of fire. It was ignored because my dorm was constructed almost entirely of cinderblock.

Another one was to forbid pet ownership of anything that could trigger allergies, with the exception of small birds.

If you wanted to throw a party, there were various rules that were less safety tips than they were failsafes against litigation, such as keeping a fence around larger parties, requiring student security to check IDs, requiring that no beverages be carried into or out of the party, etc.

A general rule was that there had to be a dorm proctor on duty at all times to call the ambulance and provide quick alibis. I went to a pretty small college, so this job was split up between the proctors of the small dorms.

It was pretty easy to find exceptions to the rules. For a while, we had a trampoline set up inside our lounge. It was rediculously dangerous, but completely within the rules. Same with the chickens. And the bonfire.

IANAL, but I'm 100% sure that the gun rules depend on which college you go to. And I'm 95% sure that the college will forbid it within the dorm. (The variance would be in the discipline if caught).