This has actually been attempted before, but was unsuccessful, but not due to logistical failings - it would have worked. See The Pool Party for a synopsis. I'm including this here for reference purposes, in case someone else wants to try this.

  1. Find a good dorm room. One on the first floor, preferably with a water faucet easily accessible via the window.
  2. FInd a sump pump and a good hose. This is imperative, as this is how you will remove the water from the room when you are done.
  3. Remove as much furniture as possible from the room.
  4. Clean the room well. If you have any sharp objects laying around, this will likely fail rather spectacularly.
  5. Ensure that all electrical appliances and outlets that will be below the level of the water are sealed securely. I recommend some sort of caulking or silicone. Be sure to think while you're doing this, and make sure you will have a way to power your sump pump.
  6. Obtain a large quantity of visqueen and duck tape. The visqueen should be pretty thick - anything over 4 mil should be ok. Get real duct tape. Note: this is sometimes also seen as duct tape.
  7. Coat the walls and floor with visqueen no higher than the window(you do want to be able to get out, don't you?), securing and sealing the plastic with duck tape. Several layers will be required.
  8. Fill with water and enjoy. As with other college activities, liberal amounts of beer and other alcoholic beverages should be consumed.
  9. Empty the room of water using the sump pump you obtained earlier.

That's it! Anything else, floaties, rafts, etc, are optional. It might also help to get some babes and/or friends to come share in the fun when you finish, but be careful how many people know of your little project. That was our failing, we simply told the wrong people.
And yes, we actually fucking tried this. Don't blame me if you get kicked out of school, arrested, or otherwise shafted by use of this information.

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