Ranting is also a traditional English (that is, folk) dance step. Usually executed to polkas or reels, the step orginates from Southern England and the Welsh borders (hence it is a feature in Border Morris Dancing). Perhaps, most famously in the "folk and traditional" scene, it is used in a dance called "Dorset Four Hand Reel".

To explain to a person how to rant via the written word is difficult as it is best demonstrated visually. However, I shall do my best to explain.

Begin with your right foot crossed in front of the left and stamp. Move the right foot about 30 centimetres to your right and stamp again. Then put both feet together and stamp again. This is then repeated with the left foot crossed in front of the right, moved slightly to the left and together. All of this should be executed with energy with a slight hop on the "resting" foot at each stamp.

It is entirely possible to traverse in a dance using this step, although it can be very tiring.

The overall effect is, perhaps, one of an energetic Irish dancer only slightly more noisy!