Tregoweth's original writeup, now deleted, said that he figured all his cools and such came from his friends here. I certainly look at the writeups written by the Everythingians I know personally (Tregoweth, Sylvar, and Gamaliel) more regularly than anyone else's. However, I don't think I cool their stuff more often than I cool anyone else's -- if you do a search for "cooled by" Segnbora-t there's quite a variety of people whose stuff I tend to like.

When the Cool Archive first arrived so that we could see who had cooled a writeup, Tregoweth told me that far fewer of the cools for his write-ups were coming from friends than he had expected. And yet he's still paranoid about getting cools from us. Yeesh.

I have this idea in my mind, whenever I post anything to Everything, or a newsgroup, or a message board, or anywhere online, that one of my friends from offline will turn up there. With any of my close friends, I'm sure we'd have something to say about practically anything the other posted, and arguments would certainly be more colorful than they would with someone I don't know offline - you can insult someone that much more online by referring to events that no one else who will read your words knows about. There would be the potential for great hilarity or great catastrophe.

When I wonder about running into people from offline online, I'm not sure if I'm hopeful or fearful. With all the recommending I do of websites and such when I find a cool one, I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.

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