An astrological term used when a planet that has been direct and is turning retrograde, or one that has been retrograde and is turning direct.

Sta"tion*a*ry (?), a. [L. stationarius: cf. F. stationnaire. Cf. Stationer.]


Not moving; not appearing to move; stable; fixed.

Charles Wesley, who is a more stationary man, does not believe the story. Southey.


Not improving or getting worse; not growing wiser, greater, better, more excellent, or the contrary.


Appearing to be at rest, because moving in the line of vision; not progressive or retrograde, as a planet.

Stationary air Physiol., the air which under ordinary circumstances does not leave the lungs in respiration. -- Stationary engine. (a) A steam engine thet is permanently placed, in distinction from a portable engine, locomotive, marine engine, etc. Specifically: (b) A factory engine, in distinction from a blowing, pumping, or other kind of engine which is also permanently placed.


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Sta"tion*a*ry (?), n.; pl. -ries ().

One who, or that which, is stationary, as a planet when apparently it has neither progressive nor retrograde motion.



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