Today, 22/2/2001 (a nice date, eh ?), I was made an Everything Editor. I will try to be nice.

And this is my 666th writeup ! Coincidence ? I think not.

Somewhat contradictorily, I just killed Glass Bead Game by scytale. The WU was very short, redundant, no links, no thought, no info, no right to live.

ed cooled Arecibo photogrammetry survey: reshaping the dish. Tasty subject.

Mon Feb 26 10:05:20 CST 2001

I live in terror of overdeleting.

Mon Feb 26 20:54:41 CST 2001

I will not be online for some days. msg me if necess

Wed Mar 7 23:50:26 CST 2001

It is not that I hate jazz, mind you. There is a smashing penguoin writeup on the subject.
Have you noticed trondgs' excellent writeups on electronics ? He is the very model of a useful factual noder !
I am now a content editor. This means that to the tire iron of editorial justice, the morphine overdose of mercy kill has been added. It also means I can be cheaply hired for wholesale node-bloodbaths ! I accept delation for deletion ... msg me candidates for culling.
Notice that I am not a Windows user nor endorser. I use Linux. And I would like the level of debate to go UP