i never suspected this. ever. i just needed someone, just needed to be a tiny bit less alone. just needed to stop flailing, needed a brief place to rest, and a tiny place to be sheltered from the waves that were overwhelming me.

never expected this. never expected YOU i had no idea who you were. at all. all i knew was you were a friend, who i could trust, even if you couldnt heal, not to hurt. i knew that much.

and thats what i found, at first. a friend, who wanted me too, for the same thing--less loneliness. but then i found a confidante. and then a love. and then a forever.

we found our souls talked in ways we never thought possible. we found they were more alike than we ever dreamed or hoped for. and we gradually found they'd been woven together over the ages, a thing neither suspected in the least, when we tried to cling to one another to avoid drowning for the first time. neither ever though this was possible. that this closeness existed in this world. neither came looking for this. but we found each other in ways we though impossible to find anyone, at all. This was unexpected, my soul's connection to you, my love. but i'd not trade it for anything in this universe. because i've found you now, and i know what you are. and the connection we've formed many times before grows once again.