We're told node for the ages. Sometimes i do, some of my things aren't that timeless. But this time, i am claiming this small corner of webspace to node for my own ages. This database has a stonger chance of surviving than any hard drive i would ever own, any other method. (although it may be e5, or e7 before i find it again.) Maybe it'll be here, next time around. Maybe it won't. Maybe i won't remember that wuukiee was me, in a previous life. Maybe i will. i honestly don't know. But i am using this small bit of space to record thoughts, memories, feelings from past lives that i have managed to remember. i'm putting them here for me, i'd like to keep these memories. But i am happy to share them with you as well, if you wish to partake of my tales. They are in roughly chronological order, as best i recall. more stories even than these will be posted as i remember, and as i write

dated memories:
*at least he was gentle--roman/celtic wars. 200 BC to 300 AD. celtic territory
*the one he murdered once still loves him--era of high norse, in scandanavia
*I come to the garden... but not alone--1100/1200, england/ireland/northern europe.

*rings and rememberings is a specific memory from this life.

*Soul Consuming Flame--very end of 1800's, america, east coast/some large northern/eastern city
*Searching for Charles--most recent; 1945ish - 1979/1980 or so
*yellow daffodils--just a piece of poetry in memory of charles.

unsorted, untimed ramblings:
*I know what it's like to be dead
*i fall asleep to be with you
*Ring around the Rosie
*to the three girls who stopped me today on my way to class
*This was unexpected, my soul's connection to you
*Spanning the Ages (only kind of 'unsorted'. references both this life, and the garden one from above.)
*It is the habitual mistakes that make fate

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