this piece was written in memory of charles

i have
in front of me
in a small stone cup,
(a solid piece of agate),
a single
yellow daffodil.

i picked it last night,
surrounded by friends and love and laughs.
i picked it less than a day ago.

it's fading already,
trapped here in a small glass,
a place it does not belong at all.
it's starting to fade and wilt and die,
all too soon.
in a day, two days,
it will be dead.

just like you, dearest.
just like you.

you were too young, too sweet, too pure
to survive long,
trapped in living hell such as that.
you were too true
to long live there.

and so like this flower,
so like your favorite flower of all,
you faded and wilted and died
too soon.

i miss you.
thank you for the brief years, though, you gave me.
they meant the world to me.
you were my world.
thank you for that time.

my own personal time capsule of lives

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