Week and a weekend of wuukiee's work at a waitress at a westwaunt...

important things i've learned during work...

  • Slivered garlic and slivered blanched almond look the same. They are not. (Fortunately I played this little trick on myself, not an unsuspecting customer.
  • No amount is too much for a truly good pair of shoes. Those are worth anything you can pay.
  • Find out if the owner of your restraunt is rumored to be Mafia BEFORE you agree to work there.
  • FEAR "the birthday song"!
  • To Mexicans, football is NOT! football. It's soccer! Keep that straight.
  • Customers seem to think "Atta girl!" is a high compliment for good service. They are mistaken.
  • Just because you wait tables in a team waiting system doesn't mean everyone on your team is on your side.
  • People can and will suprise you, both in good ways and bad.
  • Don't eat the gelato off the desert cart. It's a demo. And made of crisco.
  • If you ever find something called a "mezzanote chocolate cake, ORDER IT.
  • Italian spoken with a south-american Spanish accent sounds really bizarre.
  • I went to give a couple out on the patio near closing their check. I walked in on them dancing together to the piped-in music, oblivious to anythign but each other. They left me a huge tip. I felt guilty--I wished I could have tipped them for making my day with something that simply beautiful.
  • Make friends with the bartender.
  • No, I mean it. Make friends with the bartender. Aside from being a bottomles source of caffeine (or tasty adult beverage if you so choose) they have some interal authority and can help get people from picking on you when it's unjustified.
  • bellini and martini glasses suck majorly. The bellini glasses tip if you look at them crosseyed and the martini glasses sloosh.
  • There are too bloody many kinds of wine in this world.
  • Dr. Scholl's inserts are my friend.
  • "You'll have an 8 hour workday" can mean you'll work 3 hours, or 12. Likewise, "you'll average 8-10 bucks an hour" can mean 20 bucks one shift and 130 another.
  • There will be days I love my job and days I hate it. But it's something I can stand to do to pay the bills, if I have to.