I have never been so tired yet so happy.

All my guests have been safely seen home, or to the closest horizontal surface, and are settling down into sleep. My roommate Will and I take one last survey, making sure everyone's comfortable, everyone's happy, everyone's as satisfied as they possibly can be.

All the little noders and friends, sleeping in my house, full of food and conversation and happiness. I can't help myself and I cry a little bit to be surrounded by so many amazing people.

Good night Eraser_, who was able to come to the 'meet with a friend, but didn't stay too long. I was running around so much that I didn't really have too much time to talk to him beyond a "HEY! Howya doin'!"

Good night Starke, who seemed to be having a good time even though he didn't say much or even spent much time off my computer. The smile he gave me when I dropped him off, though, spoke volumes. I know we're friends now.

Good night Andara and Nekojin, who passed around Pixy Stix, a favorite flavor for everyone, then proceeded to school the various playas in just about every XBox game played that afternoon.

Good night, C-Dawg, my dear and special friend. Without you, none of us would have been able to experience Oreo Sludge Bars, and we would have been the poorer for it. Thank you for the cigarette, too. You know what I mean.

Good night, Eos, and sleep tight. I'm so glad you were able to make it, as I have always felt a weird familial connection to you. The person that led me to this place was led here by you and yet in a strange symmetry you, I don't think, really realized what a resource the people of this place were til you stopped by the gathering that never would have happened had you not shown this site to others.

Good night, Chras4, don't let the bedbugs bite. I hope your weekend of respite and fun gave you what you needed. I promise that I will not try to steal your tan anymore. Thank you for the donuts, thank you for the baked brie, thank you for the smiles you smiled when you thought no one was looking.

Fare thee well, Xeger, so tall and friendly. I am very glad that we became friends, and I am glad you got to meet the subject of the poem that brought me to you and you to me.

Sweet dreams, panamaus, taking the first step on a long journey that quite possibly will take you from there to here. I know that you will find what you seek, because I found it here too, oh, so long ago.

Good night, grundoon, sleeping tucked away in a corner of my yard somewhere. You helped me keep it together when panic seemed only a moment away. I was hot and flushed and worried that I couldn't feed everyone, that I couldn't be everywhere at once. You kissed me on each cheek and told me to breathe. Only you could have done that, and I thank you and bless you for your kindness and understanding.

Sleep well, ouroboros and bindlenix, pitched in a tent outside. May the stars and the moon shine down on you and light your dreams. Thank you for your smiles, your help, your willingness to do things without being asked. I forgot your plums, I hope you helped yourself.

Sweet dreams, ocelotbob and DyRE. You both smiled so much during the party that I'd find myself taking a little break from my efforts just to watch you both drinking in all the conversation and fun. And DyRE, you may always have cake in the morning.

Good night, roninspoon and iceowl. It was a joy to watch and listen to the two of you share your stories both mundane and fantastic. It is one thing to write stories well, an entirely different thing to tell them well. I am impressed and not a little jealous. Thank you.

Good night, jasonm, catching a catnap while everything swirls around you. You and I share a special little secret, and you know I was kidding when I said, "Hands off, bitch!" right? I promise to conserve more at the next meet. And maybe we'll even get to see the parade next time...

And a very special good night to sparkleface and factgirl and their families; they couldn't be there because, well, because. New life was brought to you this day, and a marvelous new journey awaits you.

Good night, all my friends and loves, tomorrow will bring us a day of warmth and bittersweet leavings. I want more, and there will be more. Here. And there. We are a family because we care so very much about the things we choose to share one with the other. Our facts and our dreams and our stories and our lives. You are all sleeping now, and it is time for me to join you in that slumber, a smile on my face and a song in my soul.

Isn't it amazing how a good breakfast makes you love the world? Isn't it amazing how much that feeling is increased when you break bread with people you care about? Do you know how much I care about you?

Do you know how much I love you?