Bon Jovi's 1986 breakthrough album. For many this was the pinnacle of hair rock, for others, another shameful thing from New Jersey. For me, this was what I used to stand in front of a mirror and rock out to when I had my first boom box. Children of the 80's will fondly remember this one.

From the bassy riff at the beginning of Livin' on a Prayer, to the western-influenced 12-string guitar in Wanted Dead or Alive, this album embodies elements quintesstial to 80's hard pop-rock.

Tracks are as follows (Thanks

1. Let It Rock (BonJovi/Sambora) - 5:27
2. You Give Love a Bad Name (BonJovi/Child/Sambora) - 3:42
3. Livin' on a Prayer (BonJovi/Child/Sambora) - 4:09
4. Social Disease (BonJovi/Sambora) - 4:18
5. Wanted Dead or Alive (BonJovi/Sambora) - 5:08
6. Raise Your Hand (BonJovi/Sambora) - 4:16
7. Without Love (BonJovi/Child/Sambora) - 3:30
8. I'd Die for You (BonJovi/Sambora) - 4:30
9. Never Say Goodbye (BonJovi/Sambora) - 4:48
10. Wild in the Streets (BonJovi) - 3:54

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