Also known as monogamy.

Generally seen as leading to, or practiced within the parameters of, marriage.

Mostly derided by modern society as inconvenient, silly, etc. For an example, see monogamy.

Built on a number of factors:

  • Mutual attraction
  • Mutual respect
  • A desire to build a stable life together.

    This one's kind of important. Many people are madly in love/lust, but really have no consideration of how they'd actual build a lifestyle including somebody else. Upon becoming involved in marriage/engagement/relationship, they're committing themselves to a state where their desires as an individual are not the most important any longer.

    This is, I think, what makes people most against this state.

Generally requires the effort to shape one's worldview to include actual commitment to another individual, and thus the effort to find the one person who it's worth putting up with any amount of shit from, because everythign else about them makes it all worthwhile.

The author does not consider abuse to fall under the category "Any amount of shit", btw.

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