NOT reading Usenet. The news serfer is down...

Going to be an uninteresting weekend.

YAFM of the day:

What do you want to zap? [NT or ?*]


Well, read the Usenet. Went to Taps (But not to get yiffed. Honest. =) Listening to Tubular Bells II. <NaughtyLanguage action=beware>Played more Nethack but there's a f***ng gargoyle down in the Mines and I'm scared...</NaughtyLanguage>


OK, I'm offically in need of some E2lessness for a while. I'm Uninspired. Plus, I'm busy. Extraordinarily busy. =(

Ran Nessus against my own machine. Found 2 security holes, 9 warnings and 6 notes. (The holes were closed, of course, most warnings didn't seem relevant after closer inspection.)

Other day logs o' mine...

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