(The term "TinySex" comes from the fact that most of this happens in Tiny*-codebase MU*s, these days primarily in TinyMUCKs. TinyFugue is probably related. Not that TinyFugue would be related to TinySex. No sir. Not at all.)

Cynics might say TinySex, or sex over Internet in general, is complete waste of time. After all, there's nothing physical about TinySex.

But then again, what is physical about sex? Touching and spewing several liquids around (which is also often considered as a bad thing nowadays anyway)?

Some wise guy once said that the most important sexual organ is the brain. And it certainly seems an important point here - sex with no feelings or stuff conveyed is, hmm, you know what it is. Like screwing a screw.

TS certainly fills one important criteria for sex - when it's good it's really good, they say, and when it's bad it's really bad.

The above-mentioned 14-year-old-virgin-losers are most likely in the "really really bad" category; Too bad it often seems like the majority. But then again, 90% of everything sucks. =)

So, while you may not consider TinySex as anything else but pointless waste of time, do not frown on it! I see TS as a form of creativity.

And I'm saying this all as a complete TinyVirgin - though I have, ahem, studied some logfiles that some people let me to read. =)

And no one can deny that TS is better way to waste time than, say, robbing grannies or banging your head on wall or (*shiver*) watching Battlefield Earth.

Update 2000-09-30: ::WWWWolf's blush can be seen through the fur:: Lost the TinyVirginity some weeks ago. Yes, certainly way better than the things mentioned last. =)

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