"Tinywar doesn't exist; TinyFugue merely shouldn't."

- Woodlock

TinyFugue, the Coolest MU* Client Ever Made, is successor of never-officially-released Tinywar, which in turn is successor of Tinytalk.

Feature list, paraphrased from the manual page:

  • split screen mode (separate input line)
  • Connection to multiple "worlds" (servers) at time.
  • Output line wrapping
  • Text editing in the input line.
  • Command history and recall
  • Key bindings for editing and commands
  • Macro language (In my opinion slightly ugly language because it is based on chaining TF commands, there's a separate "function" syntax for evaluation, and it needs two-character expression separator (%;) and line continuation mark (\)...)
  • Triggers (use commands automatically based on some output)
  • Macro editing, also interactively
  • "Portal" support (move automagically from one MU* to another)
  • Output highlighting
  • Gag (junking of text based on pattern)
  • Spam suppress
  • Automatic logon
  • Sending of text files or system command output to the remote system
  • Sending of previously received output from MUD to MUD or to screen
  • Command repeat
  • ...or above things at varying intervals.
  • Logging
  • Separating LP and Diku prompts from output
  • Paging a la --More--
  • Recall of received text.

TF has been ported to many major platforms, even though it is primarily a *NIX client. It's available packaged in most major GNU/Linux distributions (Including Debian).

The ports to non-*NIX platforms are varying in quality. I haven't tried the Windows port but I've heard the scrolling doesn't work as advertised. Most other ports seem to require various levels of *NIX compatibility libraries to be installed and need some time to get properly tuned. But, as said, it works wonderfully in *NIXes =)

There are various extensions available that have been written in the macro language, and there's a library of cool features that comes with the client. Some of these macros are quite nifty.

I use TF on both LPMud and TinyMUCK games, and it works wonderfully. Heartily recommended.

TinyFugue home page: http://tf.tcp.com/~hawkeye/tf/

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