A fully featured MUD client for Windows. Includes multiple session support, auto-mapping, triggers, and a fully featured scripting language including support for DDE. It is a tad on the bloated side but very powerful.

It can be obtained at www.zuggsoft.com

History of zMUD

zMUD v1.0 beta was released in August, 1995 by Zugg Software to a select number of Wolverine beta testers. A number of improvements were made before the first public release of version 2.0. zMUD remained freeware up until version 4.1, which was released in August, 1996. For all versions of zMUD after this, zMUD would be shareware with a limited trial. Even at this version, zMUD had an advanced scripting system and even a built-in mapper. In version 5.0, released August 10, 1997, they revamped most of zMUD in favor of the more familiar settings editor that integrates aliases, triggers, macros, variables, speedwalking, status bars, buttons, tab completion, and menu dialogs. It removed the MDI window interface and introduced the also familiar docking system it still uses. Finally, the new startup screen integrates the old character database, startup, and the connection wizard. In the years to follow, zMUD was quickly upgraded to its current state.

Features of the current zMUD

(Released April 2, 2004, v7.05 is the latest version as of June 14, 2004)
zMUD is the fastest and most versatile MUD/Telnet client for PC/Windows, with over 50,000 registered users. This sophisticated GUI client supports multiple character windows (multiplaying), aliases, triggers with complex pattern matching including regular expressions, macro keys, variables, speedwalking, automatic map generation, equipment database, graphical buttons, extensive built-in and user-defined functions, ANSI color, Simutronics game support, VT100 support, MSP, MXP, MCP, MCCP support, GSL, Pueblo emulation, word wrapping, alarms, and online help. It is fully customizable and 90 percent compatible with TinTin++ clients. Compatible with proxy servers and firewalls including SOCKS5. Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and NT supported, including Windows XP Theme support.

zMUD is the the first MUD client to implement an automapper, which enables you to map a MUD just by walking around. You can map multiple zones and speedwalk even between zones by double-clicking on a room. The automapper continues to improve in graphical appeal and functionality.

zMUD has an immensely powerful scripting language that features a library of commands, a built-in syntax checker along with a debugging system, and almost anything you could ever want. You can even script in VBScript or JavaScript if you so desire.

Once you purchase the license for zMUD, which is currently $29.95 US (As of June 14, 2004), upgrades are free forever. zMUD is an excellent MUD client that is well worth the license fee. At least make use of its 30-day trial.
(Information obtained from the Zugg Software webpage at http://www.zuggsoft.com)

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