Carrion Fields is a heavily modified MERC ROM MUD. Playerkilling is allowed and encouraged, and roleplaying is (of course) required. The MUD is rarely a stagnant place with an average of about 85 players.

This is from their website:

A large world:
165+ areas (~14500 rooms), a majority are either original to CF or are 'non-stock' (we have some of the old favorites). More areas constantly added/stock areas removed. New high level areas as well as low level ones. Separate continents, the past, and Hell (an 11 area collection based on Dante's Inferno).

  • Limited objects, you may have to kill your neighbor for that nice sword.
  • Object limits that fluctuate according to the player base.
  • No level limits on objects.
  • Free recall only for those under 10th level.
  • Stat-affecting equipment can only help/hurt partially (natural stats are more important) when leveling.
  • Extensive help files both in the game and during character creation.
  • Extensive help files on a home page if you want to read them safely.
  • Player Killing based on experience gained, and not just levels.
  • Player Killing impossible to and by those under level 10 to protect newbies.
  • Age is finite (you can die of old age).
  • Age also affects your stats over the years.
  • Death takes a toll on your body's reincarnation.
  • Spells that are affected by environment.
  • No Global Channels.
  • You have to eat and drink to survive (no going for hours without food/water).
  • Characters have two hands (sounds simple, but most muds neglect this).
  • Alignment-restricted classes and races.
  • Special Programs for objects, mobiles, and built in quests.
  • Vast amounts of new skills and spells for both new and old classes.
  • Grouping bonus for experience points.
  • A system of religion where Deities tattoo their followers.
  • Each Deity has a shrine where you must go to pray for their favor.
  • The priestly classes need a religion in order to cast their spells.
  • Guilds are raidable; there is a guildguard who keeps you out but if you kill it, you can go in.

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