Wow! For the first time for long time, I sent a bug report that actually was acknowledged and verified! Maybe I still have some sanity left and all these bugs are not just figments of my imagination....

Bugzilla bug #55166. If you want working bookmarks, please go vote for it. That bug is driving me crazy slowly but surely. =)


Done Usenet + Mail.

Was about to node about psychic Pokemons Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam, but those were already noded. =( Well, probably later - I may have schtuff that some people might find interesting. Like the Japanese names and some personal experiences with these critters. (Like, the TCG stuff, number of spoons they can bend in hour, number of frames in which they appeared in the movie, etc etc... =)


I was thinking, this morning, of one RPG story. A gamer said that in their fantasy RPG campaign, his hobbit character had had an anthropomorphic vixen as a wife.

And when I logged back to E2, I saw "redheads tend to have sex with other redheads" in the cool writeups column. Hmmmmmmm.


Played some Nethack... I ate a floating eye, so I got clairvoyance. Yes, me, not the character. "Gee, this scroll might be Scroll of Destroy Armor." Read it. Floomp, AC 10. Died soon. Next game? "This might be Amulet of strangulation." Put it on. WWWWolf-Bar-Hum-Mal-Neu, killed by strangulation.


Ended up experimenting with different character classes. Now I'm (surprise surprise!) playing a female elf ranger.

I haven't played a female elf in 3.3.x yet... and now that I've tried, looks like Rangers are pretty kewl. I mean, I don't need an assault rifle in Nethack afterall. Just an elf with a bow. *thwakatathwakatathwakata* dead meat. I mean, amazing firepower. =)

Other day logs o' mine...

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