ac is an abbreviation for account and acre(s)
aC is an abbreviation for abcoulomb(s)
AC is an abbreviation for air conditioning, alternating current, and Athletic Club
Ac is the chemical symbol for actinium

Britain's oldest car manufacturer, in continuous production since 1901. Best known for the introduction in 1961 of the AC Cobra, which was the result of installing a Ford 289-cubic inch V-8 engine in their light-weight open-top two-seater Ace roadster. In 1964 they decided that very fast wasn't fast enough and exchanged the 289-cubic inch engine for a 427-cubic inch Ford engine. The 427 Cobra held the distinction of being the fastest car in the world for many years.

Autistic slang, short for autistics and cousins. When autistic people started to talk to each other on the net and through RL support groups, they discovered some people who had a lot in common with them, but weren't actually autistic. These people usually had other neurological conditions -- hydrocephalus, Tourette's syndrome, attention deficit disorder, specific learning difficulties, and so forth -- that, in these specific people, created perceptual or social traits similar to those of autistic people. Autistic people found them easier to communicate and share interests with than the average neurotypical. Thus, these people came to be called cousins, because they were related to autism, but were not (so the metaphor went) immediate relatives. Their neurological conditions became known as cousin conditions. In common usage, AC encompasses both autistic people and cousins, and is used as the opposite to NT. It can be used as a noun or adjective.

Example usage: "Most of my friends are ACs, because they don't pressure me to act normal the way most NTs do."

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