Art movement from the 20th century, with artists from The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. Cobra is an abbreviation for Copenhagen Brussels Amsterdam.
One of the most famous artists from this movement must be Karel Appel.
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, or COBRA, requires that an employer provide the option to continue coverage under any company subscribed healthplans to any former employees, having them pay the applicable monthly payments.

As a result of termination, former employees are no longer eligible to participate in the company's group health insurance coverage. When employed, the individual had received as an amenity to employment there the opportunity to participate in the group health care coverage. If the employee were to go at it alone, the chance of applying for singular coverage is slim and the monthly fees for dental and health care coverage would be enormous. However, by participating with a largish entity such as a corporation, the individual gets a discounted rate, since there are so many healthplans coming out of that one group. COBRA allows for the continuation of that established health plan, but without the discounted rate.

Cobra is also the name of one of the worst - there are many to choose from, mind you - movies by and with Sylvester Stallone. Playing a very violent cop, Sly goes around killing people and delivering one-liners such as
You're the disease. Meet the cure.
or something like that. Stallone's then wife, danish Brigitte Nielsen co-starred. Cobra is loosely based on the novel Fair Game by Paula Gosling - also made into a movie with Alec Baldwin and Cindy Crawford - and also on the script for Beverly Hills Cop, where Stallone was offered to play Axel Foley. Sylvester, if you're reading this: We're glad that you passed that one on to Eddie Murphy.

I haven't seen this flick since the late eighties, but as I remember it is so amazingly stupid it's funny. It has the kind of acting that you feel bad for the poor actors. The plot makes "any episode of "Starsky & Hutch" seem like Hemingway by comparison" as one review said and I can only agree. The characters, the dialogue, the plot and the whole production are so stereotyped and full of clichés that it's ridiculous.

Cobra was released after the hugely successful Rambo in 1986, and was an attempt to create yet another hero following Rocky and John Rambo. Similar movies from this time are:

Cabinet Office Briefing Room A or C.O.B.R.A. is Britain's main information briefing room for the Prime Minister in times of national crisis.

Cobra is based 10 floors underneath Cabinet Office at 70 Whitehall and linked by underground passages to 10 Downing Street. Physically it is a suite of secure rooms containing a bank of telephone lines, fax machines, computer terminals, video conference facilities, and other state of the art communication equipment. Enabling the Prime Minister to obtain the vital information of the day and secure lines of communication to the police, army, hospitals, and all other relevant branches of government.

COBRA has been opened for previous crisis such as the Kosovo campaign of 1999, the Fuel Protest of September 2000, the Foot and Mouth Crisis of spring 2001. With such unique set of circumstances - from dealing with the millions of rotting carcasses to get the fuel and lifeblood of the country pumping again – COBRA has proved it’s immense flexibility.

After the September 11 attacks Prime Minister Tony Blair did not initiate Cobra, but set up a War Cabinet instead which is a much more traditional institution for dealing with possible major attacks upon the United Kingdom itself in “wartime”. However the same above facilities are most certainly being used under it’s jurisdiction instead.

Co"bra (?), n.

See Copra.


© Webster 1913.

Co"bra, n.

The cobra de capello.


© Webster 1913.

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