"Think Unix" is a book written by Jonathan Lasser. The book is aimed at beginning Unix users who have some experience with computers in general. If you're a Unix guru, this is the book you'll want to give to your Windows-using friends.

"Think Unix" takes a comprehensive approach to teaching the operating system. Rather than presenting the reader lots of commands and options to memorize for use in specific situations, the book teaches the framework of the operating system; what makes it tick, why it works the way it does, and where to find help when you need it. Of course it does teach you how to use many commands, but chapter 1 is all about how to read man pages and other Unix documentation.

Most Unix books take the approach of a foreign language phrasebook - you flip through the book looking for the phrase you need at that moment, and possibly forget it two seconds later. "Think Unix" aims to teach readers the grammar of Unix.

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