Woke up way too late today. Yeah, I was supposed to be at the university at 8. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Well, I had something remotely fun* in IRC last night...


* remotely fun in sense that it wasn't fun for me (for external reasons), but I hope someone was happy...

Onward to face the challenges of the day!


I removed some old bookmarks from my home node.


Random Tip Of The Day (Especially For You Newbies Out There):

Hmmmm... Why do many people bookmark Welcome to Everything or Everything User Search? Look to the top of this page. Then a bit right. Then a bit down. See? That thing called "Epicenter". It has cool links. Try them someday. Now, look a bit up. See that Everything logo? By clicking it, you'll return to the front page. Cool, huh? =)

Tip for the AdvNc3d YuuZrz! You can place a link to E2 at your taskbar! Or perharps make E2 as your browser home page!



Argued with a windroid on the topic "you can't have filenames with scandinavic letters and spaces in Linux" (showed two screenshots and he still seems to disbelieve... =)

I also bought the two comic books about Finnish Civil War. They have both the same story from the perspectives of Red and White perspective. Very interesting...


Ultima 7 works! In Linux!

I heard Exult was in state that U7 could actually be finished with it, so I decided to give it a whirl. Pre-made package. Data from the CD-ROM (I found this from budget bin years ago). And ta da! Music sounds a lot better than it did with SoundBlaster - it now uses TiMidity to produce music.

Oh, and this works without Mo'Slo... Actually, I never could slow U7 down enough on my P166, so this is just Kewl. =)

I just wish there would be "use system fonts" option - U7's screen font is somewhat hard to read.

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.:

Updated: Avoid noding about noding (added smallish summary and note that the inspirational node got nuked - good, that =)