The end of the last week: Well, I went to Kuhmo for the weekend, I bought new headphones and a portable CD player...

...and in Kuhmo I noticed the sound output from my new, cool Commodore 64 had not died, but someone (read: my father) had connected the sound plug to wrong connector in the monitor. I played The Train. I'm considering getting Microsoft Train Simulator, though I suspect that one doesn't have machinegunning in the stations, gun boats by the bridges, broken tracks or attack airplanes. C64 games rock... =)

Er... well, more stuff to come. Today, I'm supposed to work, and get some more CDs from post office.

(Oh yeah, my new DVDs, not sure if I mentioned these: Rukajärven Tie, Total Recall, eXistenZ. I got the latter two on the same day. Do I see the genre of "philosophical action movie" emerging? =)


This is what I would call a randomly boring day.

Went to pick up a package from post office. While I was there, it rained. (The rest of the day's weather was fine.) Net result? One of the CDs I had ordered had come. Tomorrow, I guess I need to go to the post office again to pick up my new Palm cover.

I bashed through the Usenet (everything for 3 days). Posted 13 articles. Remarkable.

A cool episode in ExtremeDuudsonit. People shot each other with fireworks. Looked pretty cool, but it seems there's no bounds for the exxxxxtremity of some people. =)

Two nodes got nuked. One mistaken for website (comp.graphics.apps.gimp - now what the heck do I need to call that, then? "The GIMP Newsgroup"?), another when the whole node, for no apparent reason, vanished (FAS - there goes a small piece of Finnish computer history. Don't blame me if no one ever told me more than what I wrote...)

Stuff To Come...